Intelligent Software System

Intelligent System Based on Robotics

Intelligent MES Software System for Factories (Unmanned Factories)

The transformation and upgrading of enterprises is a key issue for development in China. Automation will transform traditional production modes of enterprises, downsize staffing, and promote production quality and efficiency. Meanwhile, in the course of the reconstruction of automation, enterprises will develop a new understanding of their development positioning, and find new growth points and profit models.

From years of practice in technology, products, and industrial applications, Yijiahe provides automatic production equipment, robot products, and intelligent warehousing equipment. On top of that, it provides innovative intelligent factory solutions based on flexible production lines, logistics systems, and intelligent warehousing systems.

Yijiahe MES software has been developed in its course of realizing information-based management based on the construction of systems over the years, such as automatic production lines, reconstruction of automatic systems, design of non-standard equipment, logistics systems, and intelligent warehousing. MES software adopts intelligent designing methods, configures based on the needs of customers for automation of production easily to enhance product quality, the flexibility of the production process, and the level of lean production.

Yijiahe is promoting its transformation and upgrading based on intelligent technologies.


Industrial robot system integrator (design, manufacturing, purchasing, and turnkey operations)


Professional team of robot applications + practice in dozens of projects + market-based project management

GIS intelligent surveying and mapping and operation management system

The GIS technology is perfecting the course of applications, finding an increasingly broad scope of applications, and playing an increasingly great role. The realization of GIS intelligent development not only can effectively enhance the level of urban planning, but also can promote the construction of smart cities and play a critical role in the planning and design of smart cities.

GIS intelligent surveying and mapping

Promotes the construction of smart cities and plays a critical role in the planning and design of smart cities

Big data collection and application software system

Intelligent detection + robots + backend management (big data) + network technology makes the intelligent detection robot an important node and platform of the detection system and later operation. Meanwhile, the network technology is making robots smarter

The structure of robots is more intelligent. The intelligent agent firstly relies on the information communication network inside the robot, such as CAN and Ethernet CAT. Meanwhile, the interaction between robots and external intelligent devices (such as the environment) also becomes more convenient with the wireless network technologies, such as ZIGBEE.

The testing environment provides full coverage, such as with 4G and urban trunking. For the robots responsible for information collection and processing at the front end, their data collection and management functions have been fully promoted.

Intelligent online monitoring system for the state of cables and tunnels

Various monitoring information is integrated and expressed in the form of geographic information data, which can be used to realize inquiry, analysis, pre-warning, and integrated exhibition of various types of monitoring data, enhance the O & M capacity of cables, and guarantee the safe and reliable operation of cable equipment.


A four-layer system architecture is adopted. Through the powerful database management capability, it can integrate various data of the site in a real-time manner.
Integrating various forms of business logic, it can realize real-time monitoring, analysis, and early warning of cable tunnel information and data, while providing an information processing platform for the comprehensive working state of cable tunnels.
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