Intelligent O & M Service

O & M Service for the Power Industry

UAV surveying and mapping, power inspection, and agricultural and forest plant protection

The independently developed flight control system, flight platform, controller, and professional ground station software are equipped with functional sensors to perform tasks such as surveying and mapping, power line inspection, and agricultural and forestry plant protection.


It can realize functions such as power line detection, monitoring, and routine inspection.


Independently developed a flight control system and data transmission platform, as well as a controller and software.


Quick inspection of defects and faults in power lines.Emergency detection and state evaluation for accidents of power grid facilities.Daily inspection of power equipment, which is difficult to be accessed by technicians.Land surveying and mapping.3D modeling

Partial Discharge Monitoring

• It can detect the partial discharge status of power equipment

Infrared Temperature Measurement

• It checks the temperature and temperature difference of equipment such as transformer, breaker, mutual inductor, power capacitor, lightening arrester, power cable, bus, wire, insulator chain, composite apparatus, low-voltage appliance, and secondary circuit.

• It submits an inspection report after making an analysis and a judgment.

• Fault and analysis report.

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