Advanced Manufacturing

Customized intelligent equipment

Customized Intelligent Equipmen

Do you believe that customized intelligent production will become a reality in the future? Production lines in factories will be able to start working at the time desired by workers in the future. In workshops, a machine will tell another machine what to do in the next step, rather than as operated by technicians at the control console.

Imagine that you suddenly want a car one day. You can take out your phone, open the app, and enter your customization requirements. What you need to do is wait for the factory to produce, assemble, and deliver the car to you.

These future prospects indicate that we will no longer pursue identical products for the public, but rather expect diversified, customized, quality, and efficient products.

Perhaps customized intelligent production is not such a distant concept. A digitalized factory will no longer only be a mechanical beast made up of large equipment. Instead, it will require the close coordination of a whole set of software and hardware, which will timely perceive and identify the demands of customers for customization and satisfy these demands in the most flexible manner.

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