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Intelligent warehouse products

Intelligent warehouse products

With the development of business planning, warehouse management has become very complex and diversified. It is already difficult for traditional manual warehouse operation modes and data collection methods to meet the requirements for speed and accuracy on warehouse management, which has seriously affected the working efficiency of enterprises and development of limits.


Warehousing and freight capacity reflects the management capacity of supply chains, which is also a bottleneck for the development of supply chains. By applying the automation technology of warehousing robots, it can enhance the sorting efficiency of warehouses, reduce the number of staff for handling cargo, and realize intelligent warehousing.


It can grab and move shelves and goods, and store cargo. It can sort and pick up cargo for future packaging and shipment.

Intelligent warehousing system

Automatic high-rise warehouseAGVVertical carouselControl system for the entire line

Operation mode

MES acquires information, such as product orders, BOM, process route, and product parameters from the SAP system via the ERP interface (general standard interface).

Configuration (such as the binding station and assembled materials, binding assembled materials, and warehouse information) is performed in MES


Materials transferred from the high-rise warehouse to the station.

Materials transferred from the vertical carousel to the station.

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