Advanced Manufacturing

Industrial AGV products

Industrial AGV products

A laser/inertial navigated forklift combines laser navigation and inertial navigation technologies, with a higher control accuracy and a higher safety coefficient. It can freely switch between navigation modes in different environments, and is used for material circulation and handling complex environments, such as indoors, outdoors, upstairs, and downstairs.

Independent intellectual property rights

From the controller to the sensor, from embedded software to algorithms to cloud platform software, all are developed with independent intellectual property rights, which can be used to transform all brands of electric forklifts and tractors.

Speedy and efficient

By integrating the embedded control module and a traditional electric forklift, it realizes a running speed that is internationally leading. The highest speed of the unmanned forklift can reach 100 m/min.

Applicable indoors and outdoors

Its trackless laser navigation technology has made its application indoors and outdoors a reality, broken the limitations of applications for traditional AGV, and supports customers in applying it in more individualistic scenarios.

A powerful coordinated control system

The multi-machine coordinated control system can connect seamlessly with WMS and MES to realize event-based driving and dynamic assignments. It can manipulate several unmanned vehicles to perform complex tasks and automatically realize functions, such as scheduling, generating a path, and avoiding congestion.
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