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Transfer robot and robot palletizer

Transfer robot and robot palletizer

Transfer and palletizing robots have been extensively applied in fields such as chemical engineering, grain and oil, foodstuff, daily use chemicals, automotive, electronics, medicine, tobacco, and toys. They can meet various palletizing requirements in different packaging production lines and can capture objects in different forms, such as packing bags, boxes, buckets, and cylindrical cans.

They not only can bear a heavy load, but also work with a speed and quality far higher than manual labor. It can completely take place of manual labor, save the costs of palletizing and management, keep the warehouse in order, improve the working environment, and promote the corporate image of an enterprise.

Simple structure

It features few parts and components, a low failure rate, a reliable performance, simple maintenance, and repair.


The palletizing robot can be used effectively in narrow spaces.

Highly versatile

When the size, volume, and shape of products or the external dimensions of pallets change, only little changes must be made on the touch screen. Such changes will not affect customers' normal production.

Low energy consumption

The power of a mechanical palletizer is usually around 26 kW while the power of a palletizing robot is around 5 kW, which can significantly reduce operating costs for customers.

User friendly

All controls can be finished on the screen of the control cabinet, which is very easy to operate.

Easy to learn

Only the snatch-up point and placing point need to be set. Operators can swiftly master its operation.
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