Healthcare Industry

Rehabilitation Robot/Nursing Robot

A rehabilitation robot is an important piece of intelligent equipment that can perform important functions in place of the human body during and after the rehabilitation of patients.

Scope of treatment: It is mainly applied in patients with difficulty walking or moving, inactivity, multiple sclerosis, rheumatism, cardiomyopathy, arthritis, deformities, Parkinson's disease, paralysis, mass, edema, dialysis, muscle atrophy, and more focused on early rehabilitation of patients.

The series products include an upper limb rehabilitation robot, lower limb rehabilitation robot, intelligent wheelchair, and interactive health training robot.

Upper limb rehabilitation robot

This mainly provides patients with active and passive rehabilitation training during the recovery of their upper limbs, and can customize the training scope, range, and force based on the symptoms of the limbs.

Lower limb rehabilitation robot

This can provide training for motor function recovery during the rehabilitation treatment of lower limbs.

Intelligent wheelchair

This mainly assists heavy patients, the disabled, and the elderly in such activities as walking, turning, health checks, and emergency calls. Customers can customize the tasks of the intelligent wheelchair based on the conditions of the user to realize intelligent operation and control.

Interactive rehabilitation training robot

This can provide the elderly and heavy patients with man-machine interaction and function customized rehabilitation training under an interactive situation and certain functions, such as entertainment and movement.

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