Healthcare Industry

Intelligent Medicine Cabinet

The intelligent medicine cabinet provided by Yijiahe for hospitals and medical institutions can realize automatic management for drug circulation. It not only enhances the medication safety for patients, but also significantly enhances the efficiency of drug management.

By seamlessly connecting with HIS, the system of the intelligent medicine cabinet can automatically receive prescription data, and display the position, names, specifications, and quantity of drugs wanted in real time based on the prescription data. The LED light is turned on to alert the pharmacist to retrieve the drugs conveniently and quickly, which can greatly enhance the working efficiency of pharmacists and reduce the error rate for retrieving the medicine.

Key functions:

  • RFID technology

    RFID technology is adopted to transmit information and data of drugs wirelessly, saving the trouble of wiring.
  • RFID label

    RFID electronic label can show real-time data of drugs such as name, specification, and quantity.
  • LED lightLED indicator light

    LED indicator light is adopted to inform pharmacists of the drugs' position with ease.

The software system is seamlessly connected with HIS, which can automatically receive HIS prescription data and show the quantity of drugs needed in real time at the (pharmacy of the outpatient and emergency). With LED indicator lights, pharmacists can conveniently and quickly retrieve drugs. Additionally, the pharmacy intravenous admixture services (PIVAS) adopts a scientific and rational algorithm, sorts drug dispensing data by batch automatically in accordance with the categories of drugs, and shows the quantity of the drugs dispensed while turning on LED indicator lights to enhance drug dispensing speed and accuracy for pharmacists.

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