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Integrated online monitoring platform for underground tunnels


Intelligent O & M management platform for transformer substations


Best lean management platform for power distribution stations


Intelligent Robot

The intelligent robot is an important platform that can realize data collection, decision-making, information integration, operation, and maintenance. With the platform, based on technologies, such as IoT, big data, and expert systems, it can realize such functions as state detection of equipment, state evaluation, fault warning, operation, and maintenance; and realize functions in place of manual labor (such as environmental information quantization and linkage, collection of equipment state information, security linkage, and call platform), thereby enabling state data to be based on big data. By managing the backend, it can enable the industrial system to run safely and reliably.

Intelligent O & M Service

The intelligent O & M service provides diversified intelligent products and solutions to such industries as power, municipal engineering, and communication based on the big data platform. Additionally, it realizes functions such as detection and evaluation of state of industrial equipment, fault warning, operation, and maintenance. It can link data and business to meet the final requirements of safe and lean production.

Intelligent Software System

The intelligent software consists of two main modules, namely, the intelligent system based on robotics and the data room. With diversified demands for intelligence, and based on the platforms such IoT and big data, it can meet the needs of data reproduction, data analysis, data state diagnosis, and decision and control, while becoming technologically more consistent with market demands.

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